Safe, Comfortable Detoxification from Heroin and Other Opiates

Trying to stop using is difficult. Any history of heavy drug use means it’s important to go through the detoxification process in a comfortable environment, supervised by professionals. If our clinical team decides there's a need, we’ll use buprenorphine (subutex®, suboxone®) to manage your opiate withdrawal symptoms.

You'll be monitored by qualified, experienced staff 24 hours a day. Clinical personnel supervise the process and coordinate services as needed. You’re assigned a counselor to work with during your stay. You’ll be encouraged to participate in educational groups and group counseling sessions.

drug rehabYour counselor will help guide you through the detox process, developing an individualized treatment plan along the way. You’ll learn to identify relapse "triggers" and how to cope with them day by day. You'll also receive information and education about longer-term treatment designed to promote abstinence from drug use.
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